Why Pet Grooming Supplies are Essential for Your Pet

Every Pet Needs Grooming for good Healthy Skin!
Benefits of Grooming

  • An important part of your pet’s health .
  • An important part of your pet’s health
  • Every pet benefits from grooming.
  • Keeps them healthy, comfortable and happy.
  • Regular grooming removes dead hair, dirt and prevents matting.
  • Regularly groomed dogs have a healthier and shinier coat.
  • Regular grooming stimulates the blood supply to the skin.
  • Good way to bond with your dog.
  • It makes your pet feels important.

Is Professional Grooming Really Needed

Professional grooming of their pet is really necessary because

  • It removes matted and excessive long hair.
  • Could help to look for underlying skin diseases.
  • Could help to look for -ear infections, fleas, ticks.

Grooming Recommendations for Different Breeds Short Coated Breeds

  • Short coated cats.
  • Short coated dogs Labs, Pugs, Pit bulls Need to be groomed about every 8-12 weeks.
    Grooming for a short coated breed.
  • Bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning and a good brush out.

Long Coated Breeds

  • Long coated breeds cats-Persians, Himalayans, etc.
  • Long coated dogs-Yorkies, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus and most terriers and poodles.
  • Need to be groomed on a daily basis every 6-10 weeks.
  • Bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning and a good brush out.
  • De-matting –mats are very uncomfortable.
Double Coated Breeds:
    • Double coated beeds- Poms, Huskys, Samoyeds, Collies, Shelties and Akitas

Need to be groomed on a weekly basis every 10-14 weeks.

    • Bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning and a good brush out.
    • De-matting.
    • Brush out.

Undercoated dogs that have to be shaved down

  • Often do not grow their coats back properly.
  • Can suffer from sunburn and windburn.
Cats Grooming:

Many people think that cats should not be groomed or bathed as Cats DO groom themselves

  • Even the most attentive cat is not going to be able to remove all the dirt and dander that can accumulate.
  • Cats love to be brushed daily.
  • Brushings is good for their skin and coat.
  • Brushing cuts down the shedding and helps prevent hairballs.
  • Long haired cats need more brushing to prevent matting.
Bathing a Cat
  • Most cats do not like water.
  • Nothing wrong with bathing your cat.
  • Water should not be hot.
  • Cats are more sensitive to water temperature than dogs.
  • To prevent residue ingestion rinse the shampoo out well.
What does full pet grooming include?
  • Checking for fleas, ticks, ear infections.
  • Checking for lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions.
  • Pre-bath brush out and cleaning to remove dirt, hair and matt’s.
  • Gentle massage and bath with a vet recommended quality shampoo.
  • Drying your pet with a clean towel.
  • Drying in a very well ventilated clean cage with a dryer.
  • Shaving, Brushing and clipping as needed.
  • Ear cleaning to gently remove dirt and excess hair.
  • Shave the paw pads to keep them clean.
  • Sanitary shave around the tail to prevent matting of feces.
  • Clipping the toe nails.
  • Final brushing.
  • Finishing with a scented spray.
  • Bandanna on request.
Pet Bathing

We offer bathing services for your pet.

  • Regular baths.
  • Medicated baths.
  • Boarding and clean up baths.

Nail Trimming

  • We offers nail trimming for your pets.

Why do we need to trim nails for our pets?

Trimming nails is very essential for your pet as untrimmed nails.

  • May break , be painful and bleed profusely.
  • Could get caught on furniture or clothing.
  • Could curl and grow inwards into your pet’s footpad.
  • Are uncomfortable for the dogs to walk.
How often should I bathe my pet?
  • Depends on the breed and the dogs skin condition.
  • Can be bathed once every 4-6 weeks.
Is human shampoo safe to use on my pet?

Human shampoos are not toxic to pets but can

  • Have fragrances that could irritate the skin of your pet.
  • Have different ph as compared to the ph of dog skin.
  • Could cause dryness in dogs.
Some additional grooming do’s and don’ts:
  • DO brush before you bathe!
  • Do get your pet regularly groomed.
  • DO bathe your pet very often.
  • DON’T use human shampoo to bathe your pets.
  • DONT use a half filled tub as it leaves soap in the fur.
  • DO brush your dog and cat daily.
  • DO feed a high quality healthy foods to your.
  • Towel dry your pet and let them air dry.
  • DON’T use human hair dryers to dry your pet.

Pet Grooming FAQ

Do I need to schedule an appointment in advance?

  • We would like to schedule an appointment in advance to.
  • Decrease the wait times for you and your pet.
  • Weekends could be very busy.
What vaccinations are required?

For the safety of all the pets we recommend pets to be current on vaccines

  • All pets must be in good health.
How long will it take for my pet to be groomed?

Amount of time taken for pet grooming varies by

  • Breed- Long hair, short hair.
  • Service- brushing, shave down, breed cuts.

How can I be sure the best services are provided for my pet’s specific needs?

  • At check-in please explain what kind of services do you need
    Discuss your pet’s needs with our staff or groomer